Monday, August 17, 2015

Adventures in Colorado- Part One

We've just spent a jam-packed holiday in the sun with friends and family. It could not have been better or come at a more perfect time. We've lived in London for over a year now, and the dose of favorite faces and places was just what my soul needed.

I had intended on keeping up with posts during our 3 weeks in Denver and 1 week in Los Angeles but that obviously did not happen so first up are some of the highlights of M and I's time in Denver before Davis arrived.

I grew up going to The Denver Zoo and on one of the super hot days, we headed over to see the animals with my Dad.
We got to feed the giraffes which is a brand new thing to do at the zoo.

Saw one of M's favorite animals then rode a tiger on one of M's favorite things- a carousel.

We were greeted by a curious grizzly bear who then wisely went for a swim to cool off.

M loved watching the silly penguins zipping and zooming around in the water. After seeing many animals cooling off, we were a bit jealous of them.
So we ended our day and cooled off with some yummy soft serve ice cream. Thanks for a great day at the zoo, Dad!

Another morning was spent at The Children's Museum. We met up with my good friend, Jacqueline from way way back (1st grade!) and her sweet little girl, Lucy (2). The museum is in the middle of a pretty incredible expansion project including an outdoor adventure space. I cannot wait to see even more of what they've done with the place next time we are in Denver.
The bubble lab was a hit with these two. Adorable little scientists inside of a giant bubble.

M loved the kids sized market and veterinary hospital where she dressed up and did some creative play. 

After grabbing lunch with Jacqueline and Lucy, M zonked out on the way home.

Since the temps were in the 90's we spent a lot of time in and around water. We found the adorable Puddle Jumper Pool in Stapleton that was geared towards toddlers and preschoolers just learning to swim.

The water play continued when we met up with Jacqueline, Lucy, and our high school friend, Stephanie and her daughter Lola (5) at a splash pad at Centennial Center Park. The girls had such fun together and the mommies did some very important catching up.

The Botanic Gardens is another place we couldn't miss while in Denver. The grounds of the gardens are gorgeous!
The State Flower: Columbine
There is a children's garden located on the top of the parking structure that has more to explore with young visitors- including a stream with rocks for climbing.

When we weren't running around Denver seeing the sites or visiting friends, we spent time at my Dad's sharing the pool with his dog, Jake.

Or at Uncle Andy's playing in the water with his dogs too. 

M also got to join in on a few golf lessons with other kids Uncle Andy and my Dad were teaching. She took it very seriously and loved it.

And last but not least, we visited my grandparents (M's great grandparents) a couple of times in Colorado Springs and you guessed it! We went swimming and had lovely visits!
 I do believe this is my Grandma's first selfie!
And I'll be back soon to share some of the fun we had in Colorado once Davis arrived!


  1. SO glad you're back to blogging, I've missed your sweet pics of M! Denver in the summer is so beautiful. So glad you had so much time to see your family and friends!

  2. Great post ! Kelley enjoyed your visit "home". Jake and I miss you seeing you, Davis and Madeline.