Friday, September 2, 2016

Baby On Board!

Helloooooo There!

It certainly has been a while.

We moved. We've been traveling. As we all know, life happens...and suddenly it's September.

I wanted to share our exciting news! We are expecting a baby come January (19) 2017! M has been asking for a baby for a while now so her wish (and ours) is finally coming true.

I would not have imagined having children almost 5 years apart but it's the perfect fit for our family.

M could not be more excited about becoming a big sister. She sings to him already, gives him kisses and talks about how much she will help when he comes. Let's just hope this all actually happens come January.

I'm feeling pretty good now that I am 20 weeks along. First trimester was rough with pretty serious exhaustion and nausea so it's nice to feel relatively normal again. I'm fairly certain I'm showing earlier this time around so I am definitely looking pregnant!

Oh and we're having a B O Y!
{Cornwall in July}
And I have my official button to wear on the train and buses around London! 

Did you notice the new blog design? And do you like it? I'm hoping the new look will motivate me to get back into blogging as I was so bored with the way the blog was looking. I sure have missed you all and blogging about our adventures abroad. I have quite a few trips to catch you all up on so once M starts school next week, I'll get on it. 

Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!