Tuesday, April 19, 2016


F O U R.

I blinked and here you are as a beautiful, sweet, kind, smart little lady.

As someone said, the years are short but the days are long. Isn't that the truth. I just cannot believe you are 4.

You are entirely too much like me. Mostly I love it.

You've always been a zero to 60 in that you're usually a-okay but then big, intense emotions. 

You know what you want and won't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are stubbornly independent and I hope you stay that way.

You are a rule follower, like to tidy up and take care of your things. 

Your giggles are contagious. 

You certainly get hangry {a state of anger caused by lack of food} so I always have snacks with me.

You love to run with the boys and play dress up with the girls.

You've always been a mommy's girl and I hope more than anything that we are always close.

You take your time to feel comfortable in all situations. You quietly observe until you are ready to join in.

You give the best hugs. Your little arms wrap around me and just make me melt. Especially when you squeeze extra hard.

You still love to cuddle and the cuddles take me back to the days and late nights in your rocker what seems like a lifetime ago living in California. I reminded myself then to take it all in as it was going too fast. I continue to take those moments as this adventure called life continues to move at a pace entirely too fast for my liking.


Happy 4 my sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and the person you are becoming. 

F O U R is going to be a great year. I hope all of your wishes come true! 

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  1. A great birthday "week" - I am gratefull to be a part of it !