Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One of Our Favorite Places

Silver Bay, New York on beautiful Lake George.

Davis' grandparents started going to Lake George in 1954. I've been going with Davis since 2000. There is just something about it. It is peaceful. It is gorgeous. And you simply relax all day.

It doesn't get much better than this.

I present to you lots of pictures of our family in, on and very close proximity to the water.

This one could not get enough of the water. And it was a bit chilly.

We managed to break away for a date night at Uptown a yummy farm to table restaurant. Thanks for always babysitting Obie and Lita!

 Oh and this one found her one true love. Chocolate ice cream. Biggest. Smile. Ever.

Just posting this made me miss Lake George and all of the sunshine we had. Until next year, I hope.



  1. omg. im not sure what kills me more- the rash guard/swim suit tutu combo or the chocolate ice cream face?! i LOVE IT. and lex peeked over my shoulder and proclaimed "MADELINE!!!!!!! i want go play. and eat ice cream". .. .

    1. I despise putting on sunscreen so whatever I can do to keep her from getting burned will do! How I wish Lex could come play!

  2. So fun! My husband grew up 10 minutes from Lake George! And I grew up about 30 minutes away... such a small world!

    1. That is so crazy! And now here we both are in London. Hope your weekend away is going well.