Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Country Weekend

This past weekend was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so we grabbed seats on the train Saturday afternoon and headed out to the country. We went to the Cotswolds, an area in south central England that stretches 25 miles across and 90 miles long. It was hard to pick a specific area to visit as there are so many beautiful little villages and towns in the Cotswolds. We landed in Cheltenham, about a 3 hour ride from Paddington Station in London. We stayed at a quaint boutique hotel- The Montpilliar Chapter.

On Sunday we went to Cotswolds Farm Park which is a not to miss destination if you find yourself in this area of England with children. It is a huge open space filled with farm animals galore and fun places for kids to play.

We held and fed adorably sweet baby animals. 

M had the chance to drive although she needed a bit of help with the pedal. And steering. So basically Davis drove.

And then there were more adorable animals.

M was not even worried about this goat who somehow managed to get out of it's fence and come right up to us.

We ended our farm adventure with a giant trampoline and some silly faces. 

After the farm, we headed into the village of Bourton-on-the-Water for lunch.

Lunch did involve this as we were trying to keep M occupied far past her nap.
 After a bit of ice cream (and quite the over-tired tantrum), M fell asleep and we walked around.

 Beautiful church with some incredibly old headstones.

Adorable cottages.
 Wide open spaces.

Happened upon these guys.

Beautiful English flowers.

The weather took a turn for the worst on Monday and we had lots of rain. It was damp and chilly.

So Davis sent me to the spa after lunch and he and M hung out- they had tea. I mean. Seriously. My husband is pretty great.

An easy train ride back into the city. And our three day weekend was complete.



  1. Never mind the gorgeous weekend I'm hung up on the fact that you're wearing JACKETS.

    1. And I was still cold! I think I need a duvet coat for this winter.

  2. You guys look so HAPPY over there. It warms my heart. <3

    1. It's pretty great over here but we really miss you guys!