Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just the Two of Us- Vermont Edition

Since we now live thousands of miles from family, finding time as a couple does not come easily. So when we are around family, you bet we are heading out of town- just the two of us!

While in Lake George, Davis and I left M with her Obie and Lita and headed east. We used to live minutes from Davis' dad and his wife and they used to babysit all of the time. We were pretty stoked to get some time just the two of us. M too, of course was equally excited. She adores them.

We drove from from Lake George to Manchester, Vermont. The drive is absolutely gorgeous (despite a few seriously rough looking small towns). We spent two nights at the Reluctant Panther, a beautiful Small Luxury Hotel. You can never go wrong staying at a hotel with the SLH designation.
We got settled and it was all I could do not to climb into this amazingly comfortable bed.

We grabbed a drink and an appetizer at the Ye Olde Tavern before dinner.  It's been around since 1790. Growing up in the western United States, all of the history in this part of the country is pretty neat.

Pretty much the whole reason we came to this area of Vermont was because of this restaurant. I'm not kidding- all because of a restaurant. Davis read about it somewhere and so we came. We kinda like eating and it did not disappoint.
We ordered entirely too much food but did not have any trouble finishing it. We ended our meal with an amazing blueberry tart but forgot to snap a picture.

The next day, we slept in(!) and enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel. Then we headed over to the Equinox Spa. Relaxing and beautiful. Enough said.

 Later on we enjoyed a local concert in the park.

And ended the day with another delicious meal at Barrow's House. We ate outside on their beautiful patio and managed to only remember pics of dessert this time.
 Blueberries were in season so this was amazing!
Davis had a root-beer float in honor of his grandfather.

The next day we slept in until 9:30 (Woah. Never thought I'd do that again. Ever.) and grabbed some breakfast. Then we went exploring and stopped at some historic sites, found some covered bridges, hung out by the Batenkill River. Everything just beautiful.

We stopped at Flying Pigs Farm on our way back to Lake George to pick up some pork for a dinner Davis was cooking for the family. We also stopped at many farm stands along the way and grabbed some corn, blueberries, green beans, etc.

We had such a great time and were in no hurry to get back. Of course M was perfect while we were away and she stocked up on her tantrums as the following day was a rough one. Toddlers!



  1. I am enjoying your journey - you, Davis & Madeline are getting to do some pretty interesting things !