Monday, February 8, 2016

Lunch Date {Restaurant Story}

Besides traveling, eating out has always been one of our favorite things to do as a couple. And since London has so many amazing restaurants, I've started meeting Davis out for lunch during the week so that we can have some time just the two of us.

Dinning without our toddler in tow has it certain perks- we don't have to inhale our food in record speed and I don't have to worry about something being on the menu that she'll actually eat. M is in nursery 3 times weekly until 3:30, so our lunch date is a bit (no a lot) cheaper than one on a Saturday night requiring a babysitter. 
So last week I took the train to meet Davis near his office which happens to be located right at the iconic London sites of The Tower of London and Tower Bridge.
I never ever get sick of seeing these landmarks- passing by Tower of London on our way to cross the Thames River over Tower Bridge.

Seeing the buildings that make up the London skyline. Really, I pinch myself every time. Even when it's cold. Gray. And Windy.

We dined at Restaurant Story and it was incredible. It's no wonder it's hard to snag a table! Their aim is to tell a story through the food they serve. It has a Michelin star which was earned only 5 months after opening. The chef, Tom Sellers, has cooked along side Thomas Keller, one our favorites from the United States.

Our view of The Shard and those big red buses from our table.

And here's how the story was told...

Forward- made up of delicious snacks. Third one down was rabbit, which I don't eat so Davis had to eat it. They were all delicious but I preferred the second snack. 

Chapter 1- Sea

Chapter 2- Childhood
Bread and dripping

Chapter II- Land
Wood Pigeon
We were warned before digging into Chapter III that there could be shot found in the piece of pigeon. Yes, indeed. There were in fact two pieces in my cut. Thankfully I was chewing carefully as shot is obviously very hard and could do some damage to your tooth. 

Chapter IV- The End
Almond & Dill
We finished with some tea {of course} and some delicious chocolate treats.
We were incredibly full but plan to try for a dinner reservation. If you find yourself in London, this is one to try- if you can get in, that is.

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