Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Visit to Harrod's Grotto

While this is our second Christmas in London, we had our first experience at Harrod's Grotto and visiting Father Christmas this week. Last year, I had no idea that the tickets went on sale late summer so this year, I was sure to grab them as soon as they were on sale.
Before heading inside Harrods to meet our friends, we checked out the window displays around the store. At child level there is a mouse theme running below the adult sized windows. It is absolutely precious!

After admiring all of the windows, we headed inside Harrod's to the 4th floor passing all of the amazing pint-sized couture clothing and epic children's shoe collection. The Grotto is set up so beautifully and the mouse theme continued inside. There are sweet displays to look at and a few activities for the children as they wait for their visit with Father Christmas. Our festive evening was spent with my friend Carolyn, her husband Todd and their three boys- Jackson, Colton and little Easton.

Now let me tell you, M is not a fan of things dressed up. Easter Bunny. Mickey Mouse. And Father Christmas falls into this category even though she knows the guy delivers gifts to our house on Christmas Eve. She is okay from afar. Like far far with a gentle wave but getting close to this guy is certainly not her cup of tea. Of course, I'd love that picture with her beaming from ear to ear just once but that was not for this year and truly might never come. This girl knows what she wants and being close to Father Christmas is not one of them. Family picture it is. And yes, I have to agree he is not very friendly looking!

After our visit, we headed to the Disney Cafe for dinner. Nothing gourmet but definitely child friendly especially since they had some of M's favorites.

A sweet hug for Pooh finished the night.

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