Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adventures in Colorado- Part II

M went back to school this week so that means more time for blog catch up on some life that happened this summer. Looking back on these pictures makes me miss the warmth of the summer sun now that we are bundling up with the fall weather here in London.

So without further ado, here's some more of our trip stateside.

After 2 weeks of just M and I in Denver, Daddy arrived! 

Being the only night the Rockies were in town while Davis was in Denver, we headed downtown to catch a game with my mom. M stayed with my dad and brother for the evening.
 It was a gorgeous night to watch a baseball game although the sun was a bit intense for a bit.
And the night was made since I got to have an old favorite- Dippin' Dots!

Another day we headed to Boulder. It's one of our favorite places since Davis and I went to college there and fell in love there so very many years ago.
The flatirons make for a beautiful backdrop for a photo or two.

We lunched, walked around Pearl Street and somehow managed eat our ice cream before it melted in the 90 degree heat.

Davis and I were able to go out quite a bit having lots of babysitters (family) around town. We went out to dinner twice and saw Imagine Dragons in concert.

We headed to the mountains and spent a night in the Silverthorne/Frisco area with my brother, Andy, and his girlfriend, Miranda.

Being in beautiful Colorado in the summer requires hiking and so we did just that.
 The view was pretty incredible.

 Had a little rain, rock skipping fun and a picnic before heading back down the mountain.

After our time in the mountains with my brother and Miranda, they drove M back to Denver. Of course they stopped for some ice cream before getting back to Nana's.
Davis and I were S U P E R excited to have a couple of days to ourselves as we headed further into the mountains of Colorado. One of my friends from high school was getting married in Gunnison near Crested Butte. We've missed a lot of weddings living in London so it was so nice to be in Colorado to see old friends and catch up at a beautiful wedding.
Crested Butte is absolutely beautiful and we did a bit of hiking with my long time (1st grade!) friend Jacqueline and her hubbie Mike.

The wedding was such fun as I've been friends with Jacqueline (next to me) and Katy (second from the right) since elementary school. We all went to Denver East High School and then onto CU for college. We were all roommates in Boulder (except for Jacqueline who lived in her sorority). I love these girls and as awful as I am at keeping in touch, when we do see each other, it's the best!
While we were snapping a picture of all of us, Anna, the beautiful bride was right by for a picture too. Oh and she had her cowboy boots on under that dress!
I actually had a bunch of fun wedding pictures but I lost my phone on our way back to sadly those pictures won't be making the blog. Maybe that's a good thing...
I absolutely adore Colorado and it was the B E S T being there for 3 weeks and spending time with so many of my favorite people.

Next up is a week in Los Angeles! Until then, have a terrific weekend. 


  1. So many pretty pictures Kelley! Looks like you guys had a blast! Those hikes you took were stunning. Love M's Colorado hat. My boyfriend and I have been trying to move to Boulder for years but work keeps pulling us in different directions.

    Love that your friend wore cowboy boots under her wedding dress. I want to do that too!

    1. Thanks Julie! Boulder is pretty great although it is a college town. I'd say Seattle is the place to be! ;) You should do the cowboy boots- it looked so cute!