Friday, June 12, 2015

Hey Friday!

Last night a friend and I went to a yoga class and when the teacher was a no-show, we headed to Hyde Park for a walk and to take advantage of the beautiful evening. We grabbed a glass of wine and a bite to eat at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen as the sun was setting. I absolutely love the energy that comes with simply being in the park soaking in the sunshine on a gorgeous night. Oh and these cuties were pretty fun to watch too.
Last Thursday, Davis had hernia surgery and all went well. I am certain the hernia was around before Madeline but who likes to have surgery so it was avoided and never scheduled. I've begun to get migraines again (grrr!) and of course, I got a migraine the day after Davis' surgery so M had a few interesting days of mommy and daddy feeling pretty awful. Happy to report things are getting back to normal around here!
M is extremely independent and we were pretty sure forcing her to "potty train" was not going to be the best experience for anyone. I figured it would just happen one day but we had begun to get worried thought about implementing some sort of sticker chart incentives to get the process rolling.

So last week Madeline decided she was going to wear panties to school and I went with it. I've not pushed the whole potty training thing one smidge of a bit and yes she is a few months past 3. She's worn panties a lot at home so it's not like we went cold turkey with the nappies. It's just been easier to have her in nappies when we are out and about and using public transportation. And she seemed to not really want to ditch the nappies even with a drawer full of cute knickers.

M has pretty much decided she can do the whole thing on her own- she goes in the bathroom and comes out with her hands washed. And she's not had one accident. She just pops up and says she has to use the toilet or make a wee, as they say here. Not gonna lie, it's been pretty great.
The class picture was hanging up today when I went to get M from nursery. Aren't these kids the cutest?!
We finally booked our tickets for our trip back to the states this summer! We will be in Colorado for about 3 weeks and then head to California for a week. I am flying out on my own with M and Davis will join us for a week in Colorado towards the end of July. We will then head to California and fly back to London the 3 of us. It will be my first time flying solo with M so I am busy finding things to take with us for the 10 hour flight.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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