Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Marvelous Maggie and Rose

During the summer most of London was remodeling and so too was our favorite place to play, Maggie and Rose in Kensington. The whole place got a make-over and it was well worth the wait to be away for the summer.

Maggie and Rose was one of the first places I found doing research about living in London with a toddler. Since arriving in April, we have absolutely loved spending time there every week. Especially since M met her new bff at M & R and her mummy has been just as amazing of a friend to me. It's pretty much my favorite thing watching them play together as they get on so well. So that being said, Wednesdays have continued to be our most favorite day of the week(days) since we spend it at our favorite place with our favorite people.

We've continued our cooking class with the amazing chef, Belles. The class has changed from Jellies and Wellies to Secrets of the Cupboard. M continues to try new foods at her speed- i.e. when mommy does not suggest she try it.

Here are a few pics of the new space (and of course, it's even more beautiful in person).

The kitchen where we have our class.

Art/music/dance classroom

Brasserie where they have yummy food for the whole family. And the most delicious lattes.

Play area

Outdoor space
Check out M & R's latest newsletter to see a little more of life in London and how fabulous this place really is!



  1. This place is beautiful! You can spend the entire day here and not be bored. And M looks like she's really exploring everything.

  2. I'm dyyyying. This place looks amazing. Lex and I want fly out every Wednesday. Cool? Cool.

  3. "M continues to try new foods at her speed- i.e. when mommy does not suggest she try it." Made me laugh so hard: I see Waika and Maddie continue to be on the same page …

    Your photos of that gorgeous playspace made me want to book a ticket to London STAT.

  4. Can I just say, too, that Maddie really, really seems to be THRIVING there. I am so happy for your family.