Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Family {of FOUR} Photos

When Logan was two weeks old, we had the lovely Pippa from Borrowed Moment Photography to take some casual family photos in our home.

I love how the photos turned out.
 I think you'll agree that big sister M stole the show.

When we moved to London in 2014, M had just turned 2. Had we stayed in the states, I am sure that our two children would have been born much closer in age.

Being in a new country and so far from family, I knew that I wasn't in a place mentally to have another baby. We wanted to travel and experience being expats as fully as we could and for us that meant putting baby #2 on the back burner.
 I am so very glad we made that decision.

Our family is perfectly complete.

My Mom {Nana} spent about a month with us around L's birth. To say it was wonderful having her in London during this time is a HUGE understatement.

It meant the absolute WORLD to us.

As I look at these photos, I am already missing that little baby of so many weeks ago. L is now 15 weeks and changing so quickly. He doesn't have that delicious newborn smell anymore and he's beginning to show us more of who he will be.

L watches M with such wonder, following her with his eyes wherever she goes. I love watching him watch her.

And M has fully embraced being a big sister. I think it's her best role yet. Davis and I are so proud of how she's handled the huge change.

Hope you've enjoyed the photos! And hope I didn't share too many...😊

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