Friday, April 22, 2016

Lately- Friday Edition

It is the season of birthday parties and last weekend we visited M's friend from nursery at her country house to celebrate her 4th. It was such fun and we love spending the weekend with her sweet family at their amazing house. We first visited during the summer and it was fun to be there when the fireplaces were crackling and your wellies were a must. The girls are off to different schools next year but I know we will still stay in touch as the two are such sweet friends.

This blog post was floating around Facebook this week and I loved it. And I hope you mommies out there do too. As the title says, "This stage of life? It's hard."
We moved into our new house and we love our new neighbourhood as it's so incredibly family friendly. It is very different than our previous home in Chelsea. We are having to buy quite a lot of furniture as we used many of the former landlady's pieces so we did not send too much from the states when we moved two years ago. Our new house is also hardwood floors (hooray!) so I am also  looking for rugs. It's funny as we are buying pretty much all of the things we left in storage in the states. Oh well!

My new favourite place to find all things home is Wayfair and it seems to be like Overstock but even better. And to make shopping even easier, they have an App. I have quite the wish list going so it's about time to make some decisions. I am the worst at decisions!
M and Daddy just after we arrived at the house before the movers arrived with ALL the boxes!
My father was visited from Denver just after we moved in and he was a HUGE help with so much. We managed to have some fun between unpacking the boxes. We took him to a Fulham Football match, explored our new neighbourhood parks and ventured out to Kew Gardens. Davis and I also had quite a few date nights as well. We love having visitors and M certainly loves her O-pa!

Have you seen the new Royal Stamp collection? Prince George's smile is too much! What a cutie! Oh and happy 90th to The Queen- her 90th birthday was also our 10th wedding anniversary! 

Happy weekend! Ours involves building M's new bed, swim lessons and unpacking even M O R E boxes. Moving is a lot of work!

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  1. I suddenly feel very famous ! !
    Tom Connell - Madeline's O-Pa